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Tax tables 2013 - US

Here you'll find information about the US federal tax tables 2013. In case you have questions regarding your tax, taxable income or any form - do not hesitate to contact IRS directly. The IRS, Internal Revenue Service, are there to guide you and can help you with a lot of things. As they say, the worst thing you can do is nothing, in case you are in problems. Below is links to IRS and some of the most important federal information about tax tables and taxes in general.

IRS and federal tax information

IRS for individuals
IRS tax forms and tables 2013
IRS Interactive Tax Assistant (ITA)
IRS tax payer advocate service
IRS withholding calculator
IRS state links
Call IRS

Other sites with useful tax information:

Federal tax bracket (Moneychimp)
State Tax (Path2USA)

Tax Calculator (Efile) – estimate the tax for 2013 and return/refunds of 2012
At Efile you can also find older tax tables from 2009 and forward.

Tax Tables 2013 Federal tax tables 2013 Tax forms 2013

Tax filing tips

  • File your tax return by the deadline. Late filing will cost you money, regardless of your return having no errors.
  • Remember to sign your return! Many people who file near the deadline often forget to sign their return.
  • Always double check your tax return. An error will cause delays and may result in penalties and interest charges.
  • To avoid most errors, e-file your return. Tax software performs all the calculations on your behalf and ensures that all information entered is legible.
  • Read the most up-to-date tax information. It helps you reducing taxes as much as allowable.
  • The IRS teams up with organizations in communities to host an event called Super Saturday. If you qualify to participate, you can have your return prepared professionally for free.
  • Check one status only on your tax return. If your status changed throughout the year - check whatever your status was as of Dec. 31 of the tax year for which you are filing.


Did you know this about tax return filing?

  • You should better maintain copies of your tax returns for at least six years.
  • The cost of processing an e-file return is 35 cents and e-filing gives you also the return faster. Mailed tax returns costs on average $2.87 to process for the IRS.
  • The IRS encourages everyone to use the simplest form that covers their situation adequately.  The simpler the form, the faster you will receive your refund.
  • 20 percent or more wait until the last week to file their tax returns.

"The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax" Albert Einstein